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A few interesting things you should know about the refrigeration doctor


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The Refrigeration Doctor

  • Quickly and easily diagnose and rectify problems on any refrigeration system using our unique fault finding calculator. Answer 6 easy YES or NO questions to diagnose the most probable cause of failure to your system, and solutions of repair
  • Browse over 50 mechanical and electrical problems, their faults and causes, and 100’s of possible solutions
  • Includes a unit conversion calculator, with over 30 different units of measurement, making conversions between imperial and metric systems a breeze!
  • Includes refrigeration pressure temperature charts for the top 10 most common refrigeration gases.
  • Presented in an easy to understand language and simple user interface.
  • The most in depth refrigeration app of its kind on the market.
  • Designed for use for the novice to the most advanced technician, in both the refrigeration and electrical field